Rowmark LLC Acquires Gyford Productions

November 1, 2018

In a joint release, ROWMARK, LLC, a leading manufacturer and marketer of engravable plastic sheet materials, and GYFORD PRODUCTIONS, a leading manufacturer and marketer of Gyford StandOffs and other mounting hardware solutions, announce that Rowmark has purchased Gyford, effective October 31, 2018.

Based in Reno, NV, Gyford Productions has served the signage, woodworking, trade show and museum exhibit industries with sophisticated mounting hardware solutions for more than 30 years.

“This is an exciting time for Rowmark, our distributors and our customers. Our partnership with Gyford opens a whole new offering of products and possibilities,” said Duane Jebbett, Rowmark President and CEO. “We remain committed to providing our customers with the most innovative products and the best service available to the industry.”

“Steve and I are excited about what this means for the employees of Gyford,” said Valerie Gyford, Gyford Co-Founder. “By joining forces, both companies will benefit from manufacturing synergies, efficiencies and an increased market presence.” Her husband and co-founder, Steve Gyford added, “Gyford and Rowmark will benefit from each other’s market experience and commitment to world class products and service to our collective customers. Our decision to sell was a difficult one, but we’re looking forward to our transition into retirement.”

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