Johnson Plastics Adds Raster Braille to Engraving Supplies Solutions

February 23, 2016

Johnson Plastics Rowmarkcompany

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Johnson Plastics is thrilled to announce the addition of Raster® Braille products to their engraving supplies solutions. In response to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) signage trends within the industry, Johnson Plastics has partnered with Accent Signage Systems, the leader in Raster® Braille and ADA signage to offer you the preferred method for ADA-compliant Braille along with the most complete line of ADA substrates and appliqué.

Johnson Plastics recognizes that this Raster® Method makes fabrication fast and easy, creates ADA signage that is easy to read and produces uniform Braille dots for a clean and seamless look. The dome-shaped Raster® spheres meet current ADA and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) guidelines. The spheres are both durable and vandal resistant, making signage ADA-compliant and top of the line in quality. Meeting the most recent U.S.A. federal standards, Raster® Braille can be paired with nearly any material, allowing a broad spectrum in material substrate choice and design options.

Johnson Plastics offers the Raster® Pen License Kit, which contains everything required to get started producing Raster® Braille. In addition to the License Kit, other accessories including Raster® Braille Pens, Acrylic, Brass and Stainless Steel Raster® spheres all readily available at your fingertips to make creating ADA signage user-friendly.

Take your business to new heights by adding Raster® Braille to your ADA signage. To get started today producing Raster® Braille, the preferred process for ADA-compliant Braille, call Johnson Plastics at 800-869-7800.

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